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April 2022

Effective from 1/1/23 ALL Rottweilers must be tested for JUVENILE LARYNGEAL PARALYSIS POLYNEUROPATHY (JLPP) prior to being mated and only Clear to Clear or Clear to Carrier will be permitted.

The exception to this is Frozen Semen whereby a sample can be taken from left over semen when a bitch is inseminated and then sent off for testing; in these cases, the bitch must be a Clear on the chance the sire may be a Carrier. Certificate to be provided by the Laboratory carrying out testing eq: Laboklin, OFA, Orivet. Samples must be taken by a Vet or a Certified Collector.

December 2022

ANKC Survey – ROTTWEILERS – Press Release ANKC Regulation 8.9.2

Effective 1 January 2023, any Rottweiler born a Natural Bobtail will be eligible to be registered on the Limited Register only and flagged NOT TO BE UPGRADED. Natural Bobtails are listed as a disqualifying fault in the FCI Standard.

Breeders will no longer be able to advertise NBT Rottweiler pups as being on the Main Register for showing and/or breeding.

December 2021


In accordance with Item 7.2.1 of the October 2021 ANKC Board meeting minutes an online survey is now available from the link provided below where ANKC is seeking feedback from owners of Rottweilers regarding the following proposal.

The current regulation under Regulations Part 6 The Register & Registrations is as follows:

8.9 Rottweiler
8.9.1 For litters of Rottweilers born where the parents have been born after 1.1.97, these parents must show results of X-rays for hips and elbows. (Amended 10/13 – 5.6.4)

Proposal to add as 8.9.2:
Effective immediately, any Rottweiler born a Natural Bobtail will be eligible to be registered on the Limit Register only and flagged NOT TO BE UPGRADED.

The adopted standard (FCI Standard No: 147) for the Rottweiler within Australia has now been updated as of 24 July 2018. A significant change to this updated standard is that it now reflects the length of the tail: “while positioned along the leg, the tail reaches approximately to the hocks or is a bit longer”, and the Natural Bobtail is listed as a disqualifying fault.

The following referenced attachments are available from the links provided below:
1. Section of FCI Standard No: 147 – 24/7/2018 listing Natural Bobtails as a Disqualifying Fault.
2. Copy Email from Prof Peter Friedrich outlining the ADRK reasons for not recognising NBT’s in the Rottweiler population.

The online survey can now be accessed from:

The link is also available from the ANKC website at:

Please note responses to the survey are required by COB 7 March 2022.

2021 AGM and SGM
2021 AGM and SGM agendas, along with copies of 2020 minutes have been added to the Members Only Files area

JLPP Form - January 2021
A link to the Laboklin JLPP form has been added to the JLPP Scheme page.

NRCA HD Register - December 2020
Member's can now access the HD Register in the Members Only Files area

JLPP April 2019 Report
Click here to access the public JLPP Report for October 2019.
Member's can access a more detailed report in the Members Only Files area

FCI Health Discussions
A 31 Year Year Snapshot of Australian Rottweiler Registrations from 1986 -2016



Before you go any further, ask yourself the following questions:

The Rottweiler is a large powerful and sometimes strong minded dog that is not for everyone, he is best suited to an owner that is willing to work with him; he is not suited to being shut in a yard with no stimulation.

You’ve studied the Breed Standard and have an understanding of what the Breed should look and act like and understand some of the genetic issues that may occur and you have decided you are dedicated enough to deal with a Rottweiler coming into your life.


Sadly, Breeder doesn’t always mean RESPOSIBLE/KNOWLEDGEABLE Breeder.

You have probably been checking the Internet and studying Advertisements with flashy photos and claims of worldly success in shows and working trials by Breeders attempting to lure you to their Kennel, but upon further investigation you will more than likely find no such Titles exist, it’s all clever advertising on the part of the breeder/seller. Some will tell you they are extremely knowledgeable with working dog training experience, but have nothing to back up these claims. Again ask for proof of qualifications, don’t be fobbed off with “I’ll send them to you at a later date, or I’ve been in the breed x number of years, I know a good Rottweiler when I see one.” Research – Research and Research again.

Please ask the Breeders to furnish as a minimum, certified proof of clearances for both parents in:

The National Rottweiler Council (Australia) has a database with the results of Members Breeding Stock, a simple check can verify the results of the parents of pups you may be interested in. You can also research the Pedigree of the parents.

Ask the Breeder:


Use the State Rottweiler Breed Clubs as a resource - and expect to be given the third degree by responsible Breeders.




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