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The following links provide useful information to rottweiler owners:

1. Click here to download a report on Juvenile-onset Laryngeal Paralysis and Polyneuropathy

2. FCI Docked dog statement -

Other news:

We’ve been advised by the IFR that they still have stocks of the book "The Rottweiler" – the Rottweiler bible by A Pienkoss. 

Details of the book’s content can be read on the IFR website

The IFR is offering the book for purchase for the reduced price of 35,00 Euro instead of 44,50 Euro (plus postage and packaging costs).

Latest Site Updates

March 2016: New schedules added to the Club Events page. Click here to view them

January 2016: 2016 AGM and SGM documents uploaded to the members only file download area.

January 2016: An Information Booklet for the 26th National, hosted by the NDRC is now available. Click here to download the booklet.



The NRC(A) is affiliated with the following organisations:

ADRK World Family
ADRK World Family

IFR                ANKC
International Federation of                              Australian National Kennel      
Rottweilerfriends (IFR)                                           Council (ANKC)           


Rottweiler Clubs

The following Australian Rottweiler clubs are members of the National Rottweiler Council (Australia):


RCQ       RCSA

RCV        WCRC

Contact details for these clubs can be accessed on our Club Contact Details page.


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